"Make Your Next Event Unforgettable"

Need to know? 
Our mission:
      "To make your event unforgettable" by making sure that you, the client, is satisfied with the services provided by us, the entertainers, by providing you and your guest with the best entertainment, equipment and customer service in the area. 
Geographical Area covered:
     Mercenarios DJ Crew and Mercenarios DJ Services are based out of the Northern Virginia geographical area, therefore this is their main area of concentration, however they also cover Washington DC and a great part of the state of Maryland. If you are not sure if your event location is within their covered areas please contact them and one of the owners will provide you with a quick answer. They have personally driven to places such as Richmond and Baltimore to work events, so decisions are made on a one on one basis.  
Who will DJ your Event?:
      Mercenarios DJ Services was founded by two Disc Jockeys, DJ Phoenix and DJ Milton and most parties are handled by them personally from the initial contact all the way through the event and ending with the follow up contact after the event.  In extreme cases a DJ other than the owner’s/founding DJs might be brought in to entertain at your event, but please rest assured that all other DJs used by Mercenarios DJ Services have been hand picked by the founding DJs due to their skills and professionalism.  In this extreme cases the guest DJ will be in charge of only the entertainment at your event, all other parts of the contract such as, the initial contact, planning and follow up calls will be done by one of the founding DJs.   
How far in advance do you need to book your event?:
      In most cases clients submit their request within 3 to 12 months in advance of the date of the event.  However, Mercenarios D.C. has accepted contracts on the same day of the event, so it's never too late, it all depends on their availability and the distance to the place of the event.  Mercenarios DJ services prefers to have at least 1 month of planning time, but as mentioned before, they will consider contracts/request on a one on one basis. 
Rates & Availability:
      Mercenarios DC's goal is to provide you with affordable rates and still provide your event with top of the line entertainment, equipment and customer service.  They understand that all events are not the same and therefore they are able to work with your budget on an individual basis.  Please contact them to discuss rates and to receive a quote individualized for your specific needs.  
How can I hold the date of my event?:
      In order to hold a date for your event, Mercenarios DJ services requires a signed contract and a deposit of $100.00 in the form of a personal check, certified check, money order or cash.  Once the contract and your deposit are received the date of your even will be held.  You will be notified when the contract and deposit are received by Mercenarios DJ Services through a phone call and when requested by the customer through a confirmation letter or fax.  Contracts are taken on a first come first serve basis, in the event that two requests are received on the same date the first request accompanied by the signed contract and deposit will be booked.  Please contact us to check our availability.
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